Update to ArduinoTrack Firmware

A new version of the ArduinoTrack firmware was released that fix two bugs in the tracker.  Both issues are considered important, and one of them is critical if the tracker will be used in the Eastern or Southern hemispheres.  

The bugs are present in all versions of firmware 3.1.1 and prior.  If you have not already updated, please do so before further flights.

For instructions and to download the firmware, see the ArduinoTrack - Firmware page for details. 

Bug Details

  • The string parser that captures the hemisphere data from the GPS string was not reviewing enough characters to correctly determine the hemisphere.  It happened to be assuming north and west hemispheres, therefore the issue was never noticed during testing.  Thanks to Micha Schroeder, DC1MAK for assistance in finding and correcting the bug.
  • The formatting code that outputs long and floating point numbers was inadvertently omitting zero digits that were within a number.  For example, a barometric pressure reading of 208.2, would be incorrectly transmitted as 28.2.  With the stock firmware, the barometric pressure readings are the only data that would normally have been affected by this bug.  Thanks to Mark Conner, N9XTN for helping track down this bug.