ArduinoTrack Configurator

The ArduinoTrack Configurator is the final piece used to configure the settings which are stored in non-volatile eeprom.  Download and install the Configurator on your Windows PC.  When complete, launch the Configurator.


ArduinoTrack Configurator screenshot.


From the dropdown at the top of the window, select the Comm port that the Arduino controller is connected to (this would either be the standard Arduino Uno/etc. or the combined ArduinoTrack Shield if you are using the Combined firmware.  If you are using the Combined shield, then you will need to use a 5V TTL adapter cable and feed the serial data into the three-pin header located between the Atmel and the piezo element.



Once the port is selected, press the blue download button and immediately press the reset button on the Arduino.  If successful, the current configuration that is install in eeprom will be shown in the Configurator tabs.  You can now adjust these settings as necessary.  When finished, press the red Upload button to write the configuration back to the Arduino.


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