Flight #36 - 2019b

Demonstrating science for the McPherson 5th graders.

The Flight 2019b will be held for an Elementary School in McPherson, KS.  Before the launch, students be be developing their own experimental payload (TBD).  Additionally they will get classroom exposure to the concept of near-space travel, including demonstrations in a vacuum chamber.  

The WARC club out of Wichita may also be flying their first payload with an on board digital repeater, details to follow...










Flight Parameters


Launch Date/Time

Thursday March 28th at 9:45am (14:45Z).  

Plan on meeting at 8:30am to prepare, and we will begin inflation at 9:00am.

Alternative Date Thursday April 4th at 9:45am (14:45Z).  
Launch Site Elementary School (38.39N, -97.66W)  

Capsule 1 (Track)


Tracker: ArduinoTrack with RadioMetrix 300mW transmitter signing W0ZC-11.

Beaconing: Altitude-based delay

  • 20 second delays below 4,000m
  • 30 second delays above 25,000m
  • Otherwise 45 second delays.
  • Path is disabled above 2,000m MSL.

Camera: Canon A570IS camera running CHDK and dash-cam camera pointed up.


Capsule 2 (Track)


Tracker: ptFlex with DRA818V 700mW transmitter signing W0ZC-13.

Sensor: Spectroscopy sensors AS7265x.

Beaconing: Time-based delay

  • 15 seconds during entire flight
  • Path is disabled above 2,000m MSL.

Camera:  Dash-cam looking horizontal.


Capsule 3 (Track)

(WARC-Club Designed)


Tracker: ArduinoTrack with RadioMetrix 300mW transmitter signing W0SOE-11.

Beaconing: Altitude-based delay

  • 30 second delays below 5,000m
  • 45 second delays above 25,000m
  • Otherwise 60 second delays.
  • Path is disabled above 1,457m MSL.

Repeater: Raspberry Pi Fusion repeater 445.400-. 
(Note the unusual offset frequency - Preprogram your Fusion radios for 440.400Tx/445.400Rx)

Capsule 4

Experimental payload from Eisenhower Elementary School.

The kids are studying the effects of matter from altitude and air pressure changes.  They will be sending up a marshmallow and a kiwi fruit, with an on board video camera to capture the results.

Recovery / Misc
Parachute and misc rigging. 0.30kg
Total Flight Weight Total neck weight on the balloon. 2.99kg
Balloon / Gas

1200g Kaymont with 5.4cu meters (190cu ft) Helium. Neck lift (4.3kg) / Net lift (1.3kg)

Estimated Burst Altitude 29,874m MSL (98,011')  
Estimated Ascent Rate 5.3 m/s (1040'/min)  
Estimated Descent Rate 7.1 m/s (1400'/min)  
Chase Frequencies 446.100MHz  
NOTAM Filed High Altitude Balloon 3N-NE of KMPR, east bound reaching Flight Level 600 from March 28 at 1430Z to March 28 1700Z.  (#03/509)  




Flight Results

Launch Date/Time Flight data is pending post-launch processing...
Launch Site  
Burst Altitude  
Average Ascent Rate  
Measured Descent Rate  
Touchdown Site  
Touchdown Time  
Recovery Time  
Distance Traveled  
Total Flight Time  





Photo Highlights






Tracking Predictions

26 March 2019

Today is almost identical to yesterday.  There is an increasing possiblity of thunderstorms in the afternoon, but we should be recovered by the time they roll through the area.  Wednesday night rain could make for a muddy recovery.


Flight prediction for March 26th.


25 March 2019

The tracking prediction looks to be stabilizing with an east track and landing near Burlington.  Surface weather looks to be warm and partly cloudy.  Surface wind is expected to be gusty out of the south.


Flight prediction for March 25th.

24 March 2019

The winds have backed off significantly in today's forecasts.  I've adjusted the descent rate up to 1400'/min, which is the measured rate from the 2019a flight last week.


Flight prediction for March 24th. 

23 March 2019

Today's forecast calls for even stronger winds, pushing us up into the Lawerence area.  


Flight prediction for March 23rd.


22 March 2019

Jet stream winds have picked up significantly since the last predict.  We're approaching 100 knots of wind around 40,000'.


Flight prediction for March 22nd.


17 March 2019


Flight prediction for March 17th.


16 March 2019

The initial flight prediction shows a leisurely track northeast towards Herrington, KS.  The long range surface forecast shows cloudy skies and moderate temperatures.


Flight prediction for March 16th.