Project: Traveler's Ballooning FAQ's

Groups trying to get started in High Altitude Ballooning have a lot of questions.  Here are some tips to help you get started.

How can I predict where the balloon will land?

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How do I fill the balloon with gas?

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Is Hydrogen gas dangerous?

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What are the rules regarding high altitude ballooning?

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What equipment is needed to track a balloon?

There are many different ways to track a high altitude balloon, and they all have their own pro's and con's.  One of the more common methods is by using amateur radio and a protocol called APRS (Automatic Packet/Position Reporting System).

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Where can I purchase balloons?

Most high altitude balloonists are using latex weather balloons to fly their projects.  These can be either purchased new, or sometimes are available as surplus equipment.  The two main brands are currently available are Totex/Kaymont and Hwoyee.

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