Flight #39 - 2020a

Raspberry Pi camera

The 2020a flight will be tagging along with Mark Conner with NSTAR. Project: Traveler will be attaching a small payload to the bottom of Mark's flight string, and therefore no flight dynamics will be listed.











Flight Parameters


Launch Date/Time

July 11, 2020

Alternative Date n/a  
Launch Site Treynor, IA (41.23N, -95.60W)  

Capsule 1 (Track)


Tracker: ptFlex with DRA818V 500mW transmitter signing W0ZC-11.


Beaconing: Delay

  • Beacons every 45 seconds.
  • Path is disabled above 2,000m MSL.

Camera:  Raspberry Pi camera and controller.







Flight Results


Launch Date/Time  
Launch Site  
Burst Altitude  
Average Ascent Rate  
Measured Descent Rate  
Touchdown Site  
Touchdown Time  
Recovery Time  
Distance Traveled  
Total Flight Time  




Photo Highlights






Tracking Predictions

10 July 2020


Predictions for July 10, 2020.