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GPSL 2014 Recordings

Great Plains Super Launch 2014 was hosted by Project: Traveler in June, 2014 at the Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center.  All of the sessions were recorded for those who were unable to attend.


BalloonSats and Education

Paul Verhage from NearSys describes using BalloonSats in his education research to inspire kids in STEM.



Jurassic Pigs

Keith Kaiser flies and recovers balloon payloads for Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Club, and other child groups in the Kansas City area.  Together they have shared a passion for science, balloons, and pigs!




Kaymont on Balloons

Ryan Couch from Kaymont Balloons talks about Kaymont's history, and their role that they play in the High Altitude Ballooning community.




Hydrogen Safety Round-table

A round-table discussion about the hazards and handling of compressed Hydrogen gas as it pertains to high altitude ballooning.





WB8ELK Balloon Flights

Get caught up on the latest of Bill Brown's adventures in High Altitude Ballooning.




HAB Outreach for Success

John Dinneen and Mike Riedel explores ways to spread the high altitude ballooning hobby with schools and clubs in the Texas area.




Vertical Pointing Balloon Tracking Antenna

Radiation patterns for vertically polarized antennas are generally less than desirable for high altitude ballooning.  Don Fraser explores one possible option for correcting this deficiency.