Flight 2015d

The girls were disappointed by the results of their science experiment.

Josh was our observer while walking through the milo field.

The package was just on the other side of the field.

Mira walking out to retrieve.

The three capsules ready for flight on 2015d.  In the foreground is the Raspberry Pi with our four cameras, in the middle is W0ZC-12, and the red capsule was W0ZC-11 with an A570IS camera onboard.

Our normal balloon handlers were absent this morning, so I got put to work.

Danny was assisting me with the 50 pound Spider Wire direct-attach for the W0ZC-13 that was on the Flight 2015e.  This was a light-weight capsule with a 600g balloon.

Mira's first experience with balloon handling.

Group photo!

Stretching out the Flight 2015d flight before lift off.


Our guest from Dodge City, Andrew who was here learning about high altitude ballooning.

We got extremely lucky with Flight 2015d.  It literally landed on the road, between a power line and a grove of trees to the right and behind.

Mira and Adie checking out the capsules after recovery.

They were burning fields about a mile from the landing location.

Looking up from the Raspberry Pi on bottom.  

Looking down just after launch.

K-61 heading north towards Inman.

Looking northeast from the north side of Hutchinson.

The moon can be seen above the balloon.

Interestin lens glare on the Raspberry Pi camera.

Getting close to 80,000'.

Looking at the balloon just shortly before bursting.

Falling from 80,000'.

Interesting view of the earth's curve.  It appears that the Raspberry Pi has some lense distortion in it that is making the earth show a bump in it.

The Rocket Man parachute cleanly open and everything fell cleaning all the way down.  The bottom payload had a 3C lipo pack for the Raspberry Pi, which helped it stay aerodynamically heavy.

Turning on final approach.

We got very lucky recovering Flight 2015d, landing just feet away from the edge of these trees following the river.

We landed on the drive way showin in the photo extending to the upper-left side of the photo.

The balloon handlers keeping the balloon under control during the increasing surface winds.