Flight #34 - 2018b

Release of Flight #31's flight string.

Flight 2018b's purpose will be to test the final design of the new ArduinoTrack Flex controllers.  The PCB Revision 1 has two successful flights on it, and Revision 2 is currently under construction.  The launch location will be from the parking lot of the Hutchinson Regional Airport. 










Flight Parameters


Launch Date/Time Saturday July 7th at 8:00am (13:00Z).  Plan on meeting at 7:15am to prepare.  
Alternative Date n/a  
Launch Site Hutchinson Regional Airport (38.06N, -97.87W)  

Capsule 1 (Track)


ArduinoTrack with Radio Shack HTX-200 HT transmitter transmitter and Ublox M8Q GPS, signing W0ZC-11.

Beaconing is altitude-based delay:
20 second delays below 4,000m, 30 second delays above 25,000m.  Otherwise 45 second delays.

Path is disabled above 2,000m MSL.

Canon A570IS camera running CHDK and GoPro camera pointed up.


Capsule 2 (Track)


ArduinoTrack (Combined) with RadioMetrix 300mW transmitter and Ublox M8Q GPS, signing W0ZC-12.

Beaconing is simple time delay:
55 second delays through entire flight.

Path is disabled above 2,000m MSL.


Capsule 3 (Track)


ArduinoTrack Flex with DRA818V 700mW transmitter and Ublox M8Q GPS, signing W0ZC-13.

Beaconing is simple time delay:
15 second delays through entire flight.

Path is disabled above 2,000m MSL.

Recovery / Misc
Parachute and misc rigging. 0.30kg
Total Flight Weight Total neck weight on the balloon. 2.44kg
Balloon / Gas 1200g Kaymont with 5.4cu meters (190cu ft) Helium. Neck lift (4.3kg) / Net lift (2.1kg)  
Estimated Burst Altitude 29,939m MSL (98,225')  
Estimated Ascent Rate 6.1 m/s (1200'/min)  
Estimated Descent Rate 6.6 m/s (1300'/min)  
Chase Frequencies 446.100MHz  




Flight Results

Launch Date/Time Flight data is pending post-launch processing...
Launch Site  
Burst Altitude  
Average Ascent Rate  
Measured Descent Rate  
Touchdown Site  
Touchdown Time  
Recovery Time  
Distance Traveled  
Total Flight Time  




Tracking Predictions

6 July 2018

Same general track, except a couple of miles north. Surface weather indicated minimal chance of rain in the morning, with light winds out of the E-SE.  Chase and recovery should be warm but tolerable.

July 6 flight predictions


5 July 2018

The track continues to be in the same general area, south of US-50 near Sylvia.  Weather forcast for Saturday is calling for sunny skies, and warm.

July 5 flight prediction.

3 July 2018

 The surface level winds appear to have shifted out of the east, but otherwise the flight track is largely unchanged.

Predictions for July 3.


1 July 2018


Predictions for July 1.


28 June 2018

Similar track as the initial.  Today is landing slightly east of Pratt.

June 28 flight predictions


27 June 2018

The initial flight prediciton shows a southwest track, landing just north of Pratt.  The long range surface weather forcast calls for hot with sunny skies.

June 27 flight predictions.





Photo Highlights