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Understanding the Status Annunciation

The ptFlex firmware can announce certain status conditions by use of the green status LED near the SMA antenna conector of the ptFlex flight controller, and/or via a piezo buzzer on the board. All status messages consist of International Morse Code symbols for easy decoding and memorization.


Character Purpose/Meaning
'K' - Dah-di-dah

This is the initial "OK" sent by the flight controller as it powers up, and indicates that the firmware is correctly loaded to the board.

'E' - Dit

A single dit is emitted while the ptFlex is attempting to configure the Ublox GPS during the start up process. This process usually happens on the first attempt, but can occasionally take multiple attempts.

'I' - Di-dit

Confirmation that the Ublox GPS has been configured. This normally follows immediately after the single Dit chirp.

'G' - Dah-dah-dit

If the ptFlex fails to receive any data from the GPS, a 'G' will be sent out. This can be caused if another device on pins 7 or 8 are interfering with the data stream being sent by the GPS. 

'L' - Di-dah-di-dit

An 'L' is annunciated if the GPS has lost a valid position lock on the satellites in view. This is normal for the first few minutes after starting up the ptFlex, or if the ptFlex is being operated indoors.

'X' - Dah-di-di-dah

The flight controller is performing it self-check exercises. This is normally only used during the testing of a new or repaired circuit board.

'C' - Dah-di-dah-dit

The ptFlex has entered Configuration mode.

'W' - Di-dah-dah

The configuration data was successfully written to the on-board EEPROM.