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Flight #5 - 2002c (GPSL 2002)

Flight Parameters
Launch Date/Time Saturday, 6 July, 2002 at 7:00am
Alternative Date Sunday, 7 July 2002
Launch Site Johnson Near Space Center (39º 05.072'N, 96º 39.343'W) near Manhattan, KS
Alternate Launch Site Herington Airport (38º 41.861'N, 96º 48.599'W) east of Herington, KS
Primary Transmitter / Antenna VX-1R HT running APRS on 144.34MHz / Vertically polarized dipole
Backup Transmitter / Antenna Keyed oscillator on 147.455MHz (no modulation) / Horizontally polarized dipole
Balloon / Gas Kaymont 600gram / 130 cu feet of Helium
Estimated Burst Altitude 72,000' MSL
Estimated Ascent Rate 1320' per minute
Estimated Descent Rate Approx. 1000' per minute at touchdown
Capsule(s) weight 2lb 2oz (962g) including parachute, rigging, batteries, etc...
Chase Frequencies 14?.??MHz, 7.2535MHz


Flight Results

The Great Plain Super Launch out of Herington went great! It was a lot of fun and the small payload flew perfectly.

Flight Statistics
Launch Date/Time Saturday, 6 July, 2002 at 9:38am
Launch Site Herington Airport (38º 41.861'N, 96º 48.599'W) near Herington, KS
Burst Altitude 72,840ft (22,204m) MSL
Average Ascent Rate 1328ft/min (6.75m/s)
Measured Descent Rate Approx. 1180ft/min (6.00m/s) at touchdown
Touchdown Site 5 miles northwest of Herington, KS (38º 43.9530'N, 97º 00.4503'W)
Touchdown Time Saturday, 6 July, 2002 at 11:10am
Recovery Time Saturday 6 July, 2002 at 11:30am
Distance Traveled 10 miles as the crow flies
Total Flight Time 1 hours 32 minutes
Downloads Lat/Lon File, Flight Analysis


Lessons Learned

  • The APS camera exposed almost all frames of film in the air, but they were blurry. After spending some time with the manual, it appears that there's a exposure sensor above lens that sets the shutter speed. Next time we will mount the whole camera against a plexiglas window so that the camera can have full view of the ground.
  • The 50lb-test Kevlar SpiderLine 'weak link' finally held. Jon took the time to put a real knot in it (without use of epoxy) and it held. We'll fly doubles for a while until we're comfortable with it.