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Flight #13 - 2005a

After a short break, it's time for Project: Traveler to get back in the air.  This should be a short flight, testing a tripple balloon configuration.

Flight Parameters
Launch Date/Time Sunday, 15 May at 9:00am
Alternative Date None
Launch Site Wells Aircraft at the Hutchinson Airport (38° 03.8',  97° 51.9'W) in Hutchinson, KS
Primary Transmitter / Antenna VX-1R HT running APRS on 144.39MHz / Vertically polarized dipole
Backup Transmitter / Antenna PocketTracker running APRS (AJ0NR-11) on 144.39MHz / Horizontally polarized dipole
Balloon / Gas 3 x Kaysam 350gram / 60 cu feet of Helium each
Estimated Burst Altitude 92,000' MSL
Estimated Ascent Rate 1000' per minute
Estimated Descent Rate Approx. 900' per minute at touchdown
Capsule(s) weight 3lbs 5oz including parachute, rigging, batteries, etc...
Chase Frequencies 446.52MHz
Balloon Finder Telemetry Mode PT Mode 2.

Flight Predictions

Flight Predictions
Date Created (Central Time) Dist From Launch Bearing From Launch Relative Position Max Speed Map Winds
8 May 9:15pm
38mi 118° (SW) 5mi E of Park City 49mph Map Winds
10 May 9:30pm
51mi 127° (SW) 5mi N of Rose Hill 49mph Map Winds
12 May 9:30pm
81mi 130° (SW) 15mi E-NE of Winfield 60mph Map Winds
14 May 12:00pm 62mi 116° (SW) 5mi E of Augusta 65mph Map Winds
14 May 10:15pm 65mi 118° (SW) 12mi SE of Augusta 60mph Map Winds

Flight Results

After another night of rain storms, the sky cleared off and a small group of us gathered at our normal launch site in Hutchinson.  The primary mission objective was to fly the new Garmin GPS-18 above 60,000 feet

Flight Statistics
Launch Date/Time Sunday, 15 May 2005 at 9:29am
Launch Site Wells Aircraft at the Hutchinson Municipal Airport (38° 03.8',  97° 51.9'W) in Hutchinson, KS
Burst Altitude About 67,810 (20,669m) MSL
Average Ascent Rate 1070ft/min (5.44m/s)
Measured Descent Rate 959ft/min (4.87m/s)
Touchdown Site 5 miles east-northeast of Augusta, KS (37° 42.6976'N, 96° 52.5366'W)
Touchdown Time Sunday, 15 May 2005 at 11:09am
Recovery Time Sunday, 15 May 2005 at 11:45am
Distance Traveled 58 miles (95km) as the crow flies
Total Flight Time 1 hours 40 minutes
Downloads Lat/Lon File, Log File (W0WR-11), Log File (AJ0NR-11)



Lessons Learned

  • We had a problem with the cutdown control transmitter, and had to leave the cutdown board behind.  The cause is still under investigation.