Flight 2015f

Tim filling his first balloon.

So far, so good.

Andrew was running the regulator from the back of the truck.

Starting to get close to being full.

Andrew making last minute preparations to the load line.

Getting ready to launch the balloon.

Saying goodbye to their baby.

Pulling the balloon out from within a nice covered wind-block.

Counting down.

Ready for lift off.

And release!

Project: Traveler 2015f with Dodge City's first flight.

The first look at the Dodge City capsule.  Tim is inspecting the onboard cameras.

Andrew checks out the parachute and what's left of the latex.

We found a couple of grasshoppers that seemed rather attached to the load line.  They didn't want to leave.

A full group photo, minus the sherrif's officer (he declined the photo op).

Zack and the girls.