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KML Log File Konverter

View your flight path in Google Earth.This tool will convert your APRS log file into a KML data plot, suitable for importing into Google Earth. This is a great way to visualize your flight, and share that information with others.



To generate the KML, you will first need to begin with a properly formated APRS log file, similar in format to the example shown below.



W0ZC-11>APRS:/130703h3805.08N/09754.40WO101/038/A=005895 3D11Sats Traveler 2012
W0ZC-11>APRS:/130743h3805.01N/09753.82WO098/038/A=006616 3D11Sats Traveler 2012
W0ZC-11>APRS:/130823h3805.00N/09753.28WO089/034/A=007385 3D11Sats Traveler 2012
W0ZC-11>APRS:/130843h3805.01N/09753.06WO071/032/A=007773 3D11Sats Traveler 2012

Before uploading, be sure to scrub the file for any obvious errors, or data out-of-sequence. When ready, use the Browse button below to select your log file, and then click 'Upload File'. Within a few seconds, you will be prompted to Save or Open the resulting .KML file. Save that file to your local PC, and then use Google Maps to Open the file.