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Packing Check List

The basic equipment required for both chase teams as well as for the launch leader.


Chase Teams


  Laptop with Power Cord
  TNC with Radio.  All cabling to connect into laptop.
  HT Radio for use during recovery.  Be sure batteries are charged.
  A/C power inverter.
  Handheld GPS or Smartphone App for tracking payload into field.
  Directional Antenna for RDF'ing the payload.
  Cell phone, charged.
  Full tank of gas in the vehicle.
  Basic hand-tools (screw drivers, pliers, etc)
  Camera with SD-card.  Charged.
  Waist-high waders.
  Tree trimmer-on-a-stick.



Launch Leader


  Balloon and a spare.
  Latex gloves.
  Helium/Hydrogen tank.
  Regulator with filling hose.
  Channel-lock pliers.
  Tarp for filling balloon on.
  Capsules with rigging.
  Duct Tape
  Zip Ties for tieing off balloon.
  Handling ring for balloon neck.
  Lithium (primary) batteries for all payloads.
  Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, charged.
  Payload cameras with CHDK cards loaded.
  Kite string lanyards.
  Scissors for cutting lanyards.
  Gloves for lanyard handlers.