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New Features for the Log Konverter

New Features for the Log Konverter

Log Konverter, a tool long used for creating KML map files from APRS data files, has now been updated to support arbitrary datasets from telemetry data.  Telemetry contained in the comments portion of the packet can be exported to a spreadsheet.

Any datasets found within the comments section of the APRS packet, in the format of (Description)=(Value) will be parsed and included in the .CSV spreadsheet download.  Examples of datasets encoded include temperatures, voltages, pressure, light intensity, humidity, burst altitude, etc.  

Additionally, satellite data in the comments section, ending in "Sats" will also be extracted for analysis.


W0ZC-11>APRS:/162709h3759.50N/09836.28WO309/018/A=008443 3D8Sats Batt=7.6 IAT=14.7 OAT=15.5 Press=759.0 Burst=101488


This data will be exported to a spreadsheet format as a CSV file after parsing the data log file.




Extracting APRS data from logs into Spreadsheets.


KML Log File Konverter